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[Accepted]Rosie Buttlicker [LSPD Application] Empty [Accepted]Rosie Buttlicker [LSPD Application]

on Fri Jun 07, 2019 6:49 pm
1.Name: Rosie Buttlicker

2.Date of Birth: 03/03/1997

3.Gender: Female

4.Phone Number: N/A

5.Home Adress: Jefferson motel, Door 346, Los Santos, SA

6.Current Occupation. Nothing

7.Have you even been convicted of a felony? Never

8.Biography(Minimum of 100 words):
From the first day of high school, being a police officer was of the many things I set to achieve in my lifetime because of my father’s constant abuse of my family. My father, Giorgio Buttlicker would walk into the house drunk and out of frustration my mother would begin yelling at him to sober up and take care of his family but instead, he would begin assaulting her and my siblings. I was inspired by my mother, who constantly reminded me that I would fit perfectly in serving the people and fight for justice rather than be the unsuccessful drunk guy who is sitting by himself in the bar.

     When I was sent to Los Santos with my mother, she promised me that there was so much opportunity for a person to find success, if they simply put enough effort. Also, to continue inspiring me, my mother would act out problems with our neighbors at the time and would wait to see my judgement. Eventually, after doing many favors for the neighbors, she convinced them to lend us money f

9.Motivation for joining the LSPD?(100 words):
Police Department is an essential department in Los Santos, because without it, everything will get ruined. So  good  officers must be assigned before time get wasted. This job isn't all about commanding, ordering and acting like a boss, but leadership is all about acting as a role model and as an idol for the team you build in the department. If you can't make a good team in the department, it will be more likely a mess, there must be a good connection between the citizens and the force members and this is what I am seeking after. All I can do is to provide this city Being in this Force isn't a skill, but it's an attitude.
10.Why should we choose you over other applicants?(50 words)
I think that I would be a great add-on to the  LSPD because of my moral compass, maturity, and friendliness. I might be friendly and social, but I sure am strict when I have to be. Follow the rules, don't make it a hassle and we are all good. I know to some degree what is right and what is bad, after all, it is a subjective matter.

11.Possesed Licenses:
[X]Driving License
[*]Firearm License
[*]Business License

Put an "X" on the licenses that you own.

12.Do you have any skills that could help us and you during your service in the LSPD?:
good driving Skills, Friendly, Good teammate.

Out of Character

1.Name: Marko

2.Age: 17

3.Country: Algeria

4.Discord username: marcoismysidebitch

5.Gender Male

6.Do you posses a working microphone?: Yes

I, Rosie Buttlicker everything in this application is true and is my own work. I also understand that I can be denied for giving incorrect information and permanently excluded from re-applying to the Los Santos Police Department if the information in this application is proven to be false.

Date Signed: 07/06/19

Signature: R.Buttlicker
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