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[C-RP] Faction Rules Empty [C-RP] Faction Rules

on Sat Jun 01, 2019 10:51 pm
Faction-Wide General Rules

High-rank corruption is not tolerated, (High-rank is R7 t/m R10)

A player can't have leadership over two different factions at once. (this counts across accounts, and also counts for co-leader of factions [R8/R10]).

Players must never be invited into a faction unless the normal invitation procedure is followed. (Roleplay must occur prior to the invite being offered).

Players cannot be invited to a faction without an application unless the Faction Leader(s) have granted permission beforehand. (Faction moderators may not give permission).

Don't hire, fire/suspend or promote/demote anyone without any roleplay involvement. ( unless the person has broken OOC rules and must therefore be dealt with in an OOC fashion).

Players can be reinstated to a maximum rank of rank 1. (If the player cannot reinstate, they must join the faction as a rank 0. Faction moderator's permission is required to break this rule, however a legitimate reason is required).

Rank skipping is not allowed, meaning faction members must proceed through the ranks properly. (Faction moderator’s permission is required to break this rule, however a legitimate reason is required).

Promotion systems should be followed. (This means that a player should not be receiving promotions easily or for no reason).

Faction Hopping is not allowed without the appropriate consent. You must wait a minimum of 5 days before applying to another/the same faction (the 5 days begin AFTER LEAVING the faction). This rule does not apply to faction members joining the Federal Bureau of Investigation who are within law enforcement factions. The appropriate consent to faction hop is obtained by consulting the Faction Moderators of both the faction you are/was in, and the faction you intend to join.

Faction tool abuse will not be tolerated under any circumstances. (Specific examples include abusing tazers, radios, cuffs etc - every faction has its own form of tool abuse, you should be made aware of this).

Broadcast commands (/gov) must be used only for their IC intended purpose. Trolling in any form will not be tolerated, and will be treated as Non-RP behaviour. And would result in a faction blacklist + a 30 minutes jailtime

Selling, buying or giving factions/faction ranks is forbidden (IC or OOC).

Selling, buying, giving or taking faction weapons is forbidden (IC or OOC).

You are not allowed to force someone to leave their faction, unless the high command of the same faction does it himself. However, the FBI NSB are exempt to this rule if the following rule applies.

Law Enforcement is authorized to take immediate action when they have witnessed a level 4 or 5 violation which has been committed by another faction, if there is no High Command available in the faction (you should take all the evidence you can at the time, for court trials/OOC proof etc).

Rushtazing. Tazing a player whilst they are aiming at you or shooting at you is not allowed.

  • Other LEOs may however taze from behind.
  • If a player turns around during a chase to specifically avoid being tazed, the LEO may taze regardless of where the player is facing. Proof must be given to prove this however - if an LEO is accused of rushtaze and cannot prove the repeated turning around, they may be punished.

Live recruitment sessions, for any faction, require permission from both the Faction Director(s) along with the Faction Moderator.
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