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Trayvon Martin [LSPD APPLICATION] Empty Trayvon Martin [LSPD APPLICATION]

on Thu Jun 13, 2019 4:48 pm
In Character:

1. Name: Trayvon Martin

2. Date of Birth: 19/9/1976

3.Gender: Male

4.Phone Number: -

5.Home Adress: Idlewood 415 district.

6.Current Occupation: Negative.

7. Have you ever been convicted of a felony? Negative.

8.Biography(Minimum of 100 words):

I was raised and born in the most known area for gang activities, Idlewood. Growing up I'd often see everyone on a specific corner where I used to live at and currently is living at, the famous "415" block as they call it there. My dad was allegedly affiliated with one of the organizations that fall under the area where we used to stay at. He was barely seen, most of the times he did not stay at home, he'd rather go out and hang out with the other people outside then stay with us, his family. This kept going on and on, till he was shot dead when I was just 14 years old outside of his own house. From there my mom never allowed me to dismiss the house, or even go out with my friends instead they would come over to hang out in my house. She always kept me away from people like my pops, obviously didn't want me to get caught in the same dudes who got my dad shot to death. As I grew up I started to understand why such a thing would happen, I was mature enough to finally understand how the protocol works in such areas like the one I used to live.

9.The motivation for joining the LSPD?(100 words):
After my father's death, we were all heartbroken. I understood my mom's strictness towards me, she didn't want me to end up like my dad. I am trying to pass this message so I can bring peace to the community, I'd like to prevent deaths from occurring, similar to the event with my dad being a victim in it. Within the force, I am willing to help as many people as I can to keep them safe from any tragedies. No matter what the case is, I am willing to sacrifice and put my life on the line because that is what the force is about. Protecting and serving those who cannot protect themselves. I strive to keep the city protected from any harm with my maturity and avoid mistakes that could potentially cost anyone's life.  

10. Why should we choose you over other applicants? (50 words)
I would describe my personality as a really 'chill', social, and friendly type of one. I feel like officers should not be so strict at all times, they should be more social and friendly encountering the community that they serve. I can differentiate between situations when I should be strict and when not to, officers are always known for their cruelty in some events instead, they should be open with the people and try to understand and break it down piece by piece to ensure no misunderstandings are done.

11.Possessed Licenses:
[X]Driving License
[*]Firearm License
[*]Business License

Put an "X" on the licenses that you own.

12. Do you have any skills that could help us and you during your service in the LSPD?:

I keep my physical health in good shape, I'm a decent driver.

Out of Character

1.Name: Frank White

2.Age: 15

3.Country: Lebanon

4.Discord username: Frank White#6912

5.Gender: Male

6. Do you possess a working microphone?:


I, Trayvon Martin declare that everything in this application is true and is my own work. I also understand that I can be denied for giving incorrect information and permanently excluded from re-applying to the Los Santos Police Department if the information in this application is proven to be false.

Date Signed: 6/13/2019
Trayvon M.
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Trayvon Martin [LSPD APPLICATION] Empty Re: Trayvon Martin [LSPD APPLICATION]

on Sat Jun 15, 2019 1:23 pm
Dear Mr.Martin, your application has been Accepted, please head to the police department for further instructions

LSPD Chief - Garry Maurice
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