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Victoria Strauchen - Helper Application. Empty Victoria Strauchen - Helper Application.

on Sun Jun 16, 2019 2:50 am
In-Game Name: Victoria Strauchen
Level: 1
Hours: 3
Real Age: 29
Country: UK
Timezone: GMT + 0

What Languages do you speak? ( You must Undestand, Speak, and write the language): Native English.
Do you have Discord? (If Yes, write your discord full name with numbers.): Not yet.
Why do you want to be a Community Helper? ( 50 Words Minimum): I love to help people who are either new to the server or just lost in general. There's nothing wrong with being kind to someone who doesn't know something or is stuck in a certain place.
Why should we pick you as a Community Helper? (100 Words Minimum): I am an outgoing person who is always ready to stop what I'm doing and go and help whoever needs it. People who come to the servers or who are new to RP need a friendly person who doesn't mind that they don't know what they're doing. The trouble with people these days is the expectation of thinking that everyone who joins a server must know all the commands or rules. This is not the case. One set of rules/commands apply to one server, but not to another. So, it's important that everything is explained as clearly as possible and with as much friendliness as needed.
What is a Community Helper's duty to the server? (25 Words Minimum): A community Helper's duty is to be there when a player needs help or guidance in any given area at any given time. Be it command help, location help or settling (possibly) any IG problems such as RP if needed.
Do you have any previous Experience on other servers as a Helper? (If Yes, List the server and Helper Rank): Owned multiple servers in the past such as VHRP/Creekside RP. Able to give link to forums as proof if required in PM.
If you could suggest one thing for the server what would you suggest? (Make sure you are detailed): Be patient and always approach problems face on instead of letting them build up. A good server is a functional one.
If you could recommend someone for Helper who would it be? And Why should they be Helper? (Make sure to link their Profile): Myself? None. Heh./i]
Have you applied for Helper before? (If Yes, Link your old Application): [i]Nope.

Have you ever been banned? (Don't lie we can check logs.)(If Yes, Why?): Nope.
Have you ever been warned by an Admin? (If Yes, Why?): Nope.
Have you ever been Admin Jailed? (If Yes, Why?): Nope.
Have you ever been kicked for breaking the rules? (Is Yes, Why?): Nope.

By posting this application you understand that you can NOT bother anyone to read your application and that you must wait. That if you ask anyone to read your application you will be automatically denied no matter how good the application is. That you will abide by ALL server rules and if you break any you will be dismissed from the Helper Team.
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Victoria Strauchen - Helper Application. Empty Re: Victoria Strauchen - Helper Application.

on Tue Jun 18, 2019 9:12 am
Accepted. Welcome to the team.
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