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Recruitment Information

| The Position |

The position that you are applying for in the Los Santos Police Department  is Academy Student/Probationary Officer/Cadet, which is a training rank within the Los Santos Police Department. If your application is successful, you will be required to attend a training session. You are not considered an employee of the Los Santos Police Department until you pass the academy stage. If you pass the Academy Stage, you will then become a Police Officer Generalist in the Los Santos Police Department  and will then be considered as fully employed in the department.

| Requirements |
When applying for a position within the Los Santos Police Department, it is mandatory that you meet the stated requirements otherwise, you should not apply at all. If you have any questions regarding the requirements, you may contact the Director of Recruitment and Training.

IC Requirements
Must be over the age of 21 before submitting a law enforcement application.
Must have a high school diploma.
Must possess a standard Driving Licenses.
Must be able to deal with situations with a calm and responsible attitude.
Must have an open mind, cannot let your beliefs cloud your professional judgment.
Must show a great deal of dedication to the Police Department.
Must have a solid range of problem-solving skills.
Must be knowledgeable of the LSPD Penal Code of Law.
Must not have a criminal record.
Must have an appropriate attitude and be able and willing to take commands.
Must be able to deal with stressful situations and work well in said environments.
| The Recruitment Process |The Recruitment Process will consist of the following stages:
Application Stage
This is when you initially submit your application. Your application will be checked for any grammar and spelling mistakes. The application will also be checked to ensure that everything you have provided is truthful, which will include a background check. If mistakes are found, the recruitment officer may ask you to fix the issue(s); this is rare and will usually initially result in a declined application.
Your whole application will be looked at and the answers that you have provided in the application will be the deciding factor on whether you advance to the next stage of the Recruitment Process.

Interview Stage
If the application handler decides to accept your application, you will be invited to an interview within the next 48 hours. Prepare yourself and make sure that you dress accordingly.
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