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on Sun Jun 30, 2019 5:47 pm
       Rollin' 69 Hoover Crips 6X3xz1O

Name of Family: Rollin' 69 Hoover Crips

Family Trade: Robbery / Arms / Drugs

  10 ranks


( He is still new to the hood, doesn't know anyone around )


( He is trying to make himself a name but yet his still learning around )

Hood Rat

( His mission is scooping around the hood and obeying high ranked members )

Baby Crip

( He made himself a name so he better keep his ass working )

Young Crip

( Everyone knows him in the hood but he still have to get his ass working )


( A mature thug and everyone respects him )

Big Crip

( He can go and discuss with high OGs and ordering low ranks )


( He can go around and spray over the hood )

Old Thug

( His mission is to take care of the hood when the leader isn't here and have to discuss with the leader before recruiting )


    ( The god father of the family )

   Background story for the family, and how it started, and by whom.

It all started when Jermaine's father got killed right infront of him in the house, three tall black guys wearing white shirts with a red bandana covering their faces broke into the house and grabbed Jermaine's father by his shirt, punching him all over his face and last stabbing him by the knife up his throat, Jermaine was ten years old back then when he watched his father getting killed infront of him.

Jermaine at that age couldn't understand a thing and all he was doing was crying about his father because all that time his mother says they were just criminals trying to rob the house, years passed and Jermaine was getting older and he reached the fifteenth and one day his mother decided to tell him the truth about his father's story, he was informed that his father lost his job and was getting broke with no money in the house so he started to borrow money from the people to feed his family till he find a job, he started to pay his debts by turning his car to a taxi to pay his debts and that wasn't enough to pay the rest of his debts till he got killed by the three men, since then Jermaine promised to revenge for his father and that he knew East Los Santos isn't a safe area.

Six years later

Jermaine knew that the three men were from a piru street gang known as the ''BLOODS'', Jermaine had made friends around his hood and neighbors so that how he knew about the the three men, later Jermaine knew that the rival of the Bloods is the Crips so he made sure to find them and make connections with them to be a part of the set.

Jermaine managed to be a part of a small set in East Los Santos called Rollin' 69 Hoover Crips, he earned money by staying in the corners and selling the greens to the strangers, he was tought how to handle a knife and a small firearm and how to shoot, doing small robbery with his new friends.

By the time Jermaine was getting old so he was Twenty-one years old and doing the same thing everyday with his friends to earn their living, they had several fist fights in the high school with anyone wearing a red bandana, so one day Jermaine and his friends tried to rob a big business man's house so Jermaine can make a large step to get more money to hire some boys to revenge for his dad but all his hopes were gone because an alarm set turned on and no sooner the cops surrounded the house so Jermaine was arrested along his friends.

One year later

Jermaine is Twenty-Two years old now and finally he was released, his friends got a lifetime jail for killing, his thoughts was never forgotten as he went back to his neighbor hood in East Los Santos to make a name for him once again and to demolish any gang set named Bloods to revenge for his dad and to satisfy himself completely.

Jermaine is found mostly in East Los Santos trying to recruit around his block hoping to make a small set for himself.

Family rules

1- You are to obey family & server rules so make sure to read the rules carefully and check them from time to time to keep yourself updated. ( Failed to do so results a kick )
2- This is a street gang so you ROLEPLAY like it, don't come to me and buy some fancy car or a sport car, be realistic. ( Failed to do so results a verb warn then a kick if continued )
3- Obey high ranked members. ( Failed to do so results a verb warn then a kick of continued )
4- Joining the family makes you automatically agree that you accept ''CHARACTER KILL'' if the leader found a very strong reason to do so.
5- You should roleplay everything you do, this is a heavy roleplay server & family as well because you represent the family, we don't tolerate any lack of roleplay, I want mature players. ( Results a kick )
6- You are to wear blue & black skins only. Skin ID's: 7, 13, 21, 24, 25, 28, 66, 67, 143, 156 ( Have to RP as an old person ), 176, 195, 297 ( Failing to wear any of these results a verb warn then a kick if continued )
7- As a street gang you are to use Tec9/UZI, Shotgun, Deagle/Pistol/Silenced Pistol, AK47 only. ( Failed to do so results a kick )

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on Sun Jun 30, 2019 5:47 pm
I know that I lack the creativity but I'm doing my best, I'll put more efforts and the application will be updated.
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on Tue Jul 02, 2019 7:39 am
I can tell you've spend quite a time putting effort into this application. I want to see some Roleplay Screenshots of you and your boys. Good luck.
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