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Mouad Jhon Helper Application Empty Mouad Jhon Helper Application

on Sun Jun 30, 2019 11:24 pm
In-Game Name: Mouad Jhon
Level: 1
Hours: 3
Real Age: 18
Country: Morocoo
Timezone: GMT +0

What Languages do you speak? ( You must Undestand, Speak, and write the language): Frensh / English / Arabic
Do you have Discord? (If Yes, write your discord full name with numbers.): Mouad#7113
Why do you want to be a Community Helper? ( 50 Words Minimum): Currently To Help New Players That Are New in the Server or even new in samp cause all of us started with faults but we can help others to evad faults and Keep Rping and Helping Thems to Evade Rule Breaking
Why should we pick you as a Community Helper? (100 Words Minimum): Cause of My Experience of Years Ago In SAMP and in roleplay Server / Communities as i was Founder of much Communities and i know the rules i can help rule Breakers to Evade Rule breaking i can Be Active and i can Even Help Admins When They Are not admin to be the security of the server but it's Your Choice not Mine
What is a Community Helper's duty to the server? (25 Words Minimum): He Must keep Helping at /(n)ewbie to Help Newbies and new players so they will like the server and learn more about it to keep joining and playing there
Do you have any previous Experience on other servers as a Helper? (If Yes, List the server and Helper Rank): Neon - Head Helper | Mosporan - Community Founder | Lilas - Community Owner | Marrakech Roleplay - Assistant Head Helper
If you could suggest one thing for the server what would you suggest? (Make sure you are detailed): i Will suggest to update The /vst Dialog and add player markers on Turfs and A Gun License
If you could recommend someone for Helper who would it be? And Why should they be Helper? (Make sure to link their Profile): i currently dont know The Players so i will not recommend anyone
Have you applied for Helper before? (If Yes, Link your old Application): No

Have you ever been banned? (Don't lie we can check logs.)(If Yes, Why?): No
Have you ever been warned by an Admin? (If Yes, Why?): No
Have you ever been Admin Jailed? (If Yes, Why?): No
Have you ever been kicked for breaking the rules? (Is Yes, Why?): No

By posting this application you understand that you can NOT bother anyone to read your application and that you must wait. That if you ask anyone to read your application you will be automatically denied no matter how good the application is. That you will abide by ALL server rules and if you break any you will be dismissed from the Helper Team.
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