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Jonathan Byrd
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Character Information
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Sean Carffey - Police Department  Empty Sean Carffey - Police Department

on Mon Jul 01, 2019 4:31 pm
Sean Carffey - Police Department  YjxES6r

In Character:

1.Name:Sean Carffey

2.Date of Birth:11/DEC/1994


4.Phone Number:937883

5.Home Adress:Los Santos Jefferson, Hotel.

6.Current Occupation:Bartednder

7.Have you even been convicted of a felony?: NO

8.Biography(Minimum of 100 words):I'm Sean, live in Los Santos, currently in Jefferson Motel, and I'm 24 years old. I work as a Bartender, I do not have brothers and sisters My father did a significant service in the army, and I also did a significant service in the army. I was a combat fighter, and after completing my military service I went to work as a Bartender, and now I want to be a cop I will give my best

9.Motivation for joining the LSPD? Hi My name is Sean Carffey, and I always wanted to be PD memeber(100 words):I have been motivated to go to the police because I kept wanting it, that I was at school. Many children would say that I had a Officer's face, and I have a very big motivation to give from myself for Los Santos, and for the residents and citizensI want to take away all the crime from Los Santos, I'm willing to take care of everything there is, for the sake of the state and I will do everything I can to keep it from being criminals

[b]10.Why should we choose you over other applicants?I always wanted to be a policeman, I kept thinking about it, I'm a very special person, I know how to work in teamwork, I'm sociable, serious, and especially, I'm a responsible person, I use judgment when necessary, I really like to help and I really want to go to the police, I know how to talk to peopleI really want to have the opportunity to go to the police, and I want to give my best for Los Santos, I grew up here and I want to give of myself
(50 words)

11.Possesed Licenses:
[X]Driving License
[*]Firearm License
[*]Business License

Put an "X" on the licenses that you own.

12.Do you have any skills that could help us and you during your service in the LSPD?:I know how to work in the best way possible, I know how to work in a team that can help a lot, I like to support and help and give the best for our citizens.

Out of Character




4.Discord username:Airwalk#.9027


6.Do you posses a working microphone?:Yes

I, Sean Carffey declare that everything in this application is true and is my own work. I also understand that I can be denied for giving incorrect information and permanently excluded from re-applying to the Los Santos Police Department if the information in this application is proven to be false.

Date Signed: 01/07/2019

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